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Laminate kitchen worktops- Laminated worktops are available in lengths of 4100mm. There are 3 widths 600mm, which has one post formed long edge, 665mm and 900mm, which have 2 postformed long edges. The 665mm and 900mm are for Island units, Tables and Breakfast bars. The colours and patterns available are generally based on natural materials and can provide a look from ultra modern to traditional.


Hardwood kitchen worktops - A hardwood worktop provides a hard wearing, long lasting working surface. They are precisely assembled form 40mm staves and carefully crafted to ensure maximum durability. They tend to improve with age as the timber mellows and seasons. Simple maintenance is all that is required. Common sense and an occasional re-oiling will help maintain the beauty and water resistance of the wood.  The hardwoods available are Oak, Cherry, Iroko, Maple, Beech, Walnut and Mahogany.


Granite Kitchen worktops- Granite has been used throughout the centuries for building and decoration. It now provides modern kitchen worktops that provide years of durable service and that adds elegance and style. Granite is waterproof and stain resistant. Hot pans and spills pose no problem for granite while cleaning is done with a damp cloth. A large selection of colours can give a variety of looks, which will always enhance kitchens.


Corian - Corian is a man made product created by Dupont. It is a natural mineral blended with acrylic resin to form a solid durable material, which can be shaped to any design requirement. The finish is continuous once it is installed by a specialist and includes sinks moulded into the surface. Minimal care is required to maintain its good looks and it is covered by a Dupont 10 year warranty.